Tree Trimming Best Practices to Follow when Tree Trimming

July 7, 2021


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People trim their trees for any number of reasons that include safety, health, and aesthetics. To that end, if you intend to carry out tree trimming in Asheville NC, there is a whole lot of companies to choose from. Regardless, with enough information, tree trimming is something you can pull out on your own. Whichever way you decide, here is a select tree trimming best practices that you can follow:

Compliance with the American Standards Institute Standard for tree pruning – If you are contacting a tree care company, ensure that they prune as per the American National Standrds Instite, often called the ANSI A300. It stipulates that arborists use certain techniques, particular tools, and methods to trim trees.

Trim During a Tree’s Dormant Season – It is generally okay to prune a tree during any time, however, it is most ideal if you do it during a tree’s dormant season. You can make an exception when trimming the tree during its high season is necessary to help an emergency.

Consider the Size of the Branch – whether to remove a branch or not sometimes comes down to how big in size it is. It is always okay to trim branches that are less than five centimeters in diameter. If the diameter is more than 5 centimeters and less than 10 centimeters, you will need to take it slow. However, if the diameter is more than 10 centimeters, then you will need a really good reason to trim.

Get them Young – If you intend for your tree to turn out a particular shape that is now threatened by the emergence of a branch that will be misaligned with your desired shape, then consider cutting down that branch when it is still young. If you deal with it when it is young, there are good chances it won’t leave nasty scars that will certainly make the tree less comely.

While it is possible that tree trimming is a DIY project you can pull off on your own, it is always best to engage the services of an expert offering services in tree trimming in Asheville NC.