A Burst Pipe Didn’t Ruin Our Evening

July 7, 2021


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When my son called me at work to tell me that water was all over the kitchen, I simply froze for a minute. I was an hour away, and I had no idea what was wrong. I called my neighbor to see if he would go over and check it out. He was able to turn the water off for me, but he told me that I would need to find an emergency plumber in Bergen County NJ that would be able to come out that night. Otherwise, I would have no water, which is something that just could not happen.

He gave me the number of a plumber he had used in the past, and I called them right away. I explained that I was not home yet, though I was already on my way there. Thank goodness for cell phones! The plumber was very understanding of the situation and told me that it would take nearly an hour for him to get there. That worked for me because I wanted to be there when he got there. I trust my son, but he was not responsible enough to make plumbing decisions.

The plumber arrived shortly after me. I had only mopped up the water, not knowing if there was going to be a further mess with the repairs. I had looked under the sink and saw where the pipe had burst, and I was hoping that was the only fix that was needed. The plumber was able to change the pipe and tested it to make sure that there were no other problems. When he turned the water on, it came out the faucet and into the sink, so the problem was definitely fixed. I am so grateful that there are professionals who will still help no matter the time of day!