I Can’t Stand the Cold

January 23, 2021


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One morning when I woke up, I noticed that it was really cold. I have the thermostat to automatically turn on when it reaches a certain temperature to keep my home warm in the winter, but this time, it was doing nothing. I tried to turn it on manually, but it just wouldn’t work. I hate the cold weather, and I didn’t want to live in a home with no heat, so I looked online to find a competent company that could do HVAC repair in NYC on a short notice.

Browsing the Internet in my cold home was a terrible experience. Even though I was fully clothed and wrapped in blankets, I was still freezing. I even had to wear gloves while I was typing on my keyboard. Although I wanted to work as quickly as I could to find a repair company so I wouldn’t freeze, I didn’t let it compromise my judgement. I didn’t just go with the first company I found so that I could be done. I looked at lots of reviews of companies in my area to find out which ones were on the level.

The company that I found had the best reviews among the customers that used them. When I contacted them about my problem, they told me that they could come the same day to look at my heating system, and they did. The problem was due to a part in the heater that needed to be replaced. I was glad that it was simply this part, as I thought that I might have to pay for a whole new heating system. After the new part was installed, the heating system was tested again to make sure that it was working properly. A big burst of hot air shot out of the vents and I was relieved.