Her Hair and Makeup Look Amazing

April 9, 2020


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I told my friend about an on demand airbrush makeup stylist I had the privilege of meeting not long ago. I was temporarily helping a photographer who had a rush job that required the use of the airbrush artist. The makeup artist that was supposed to be there for the shoot did not show, but the photographer had used this on demand service before. The professionalism of the makeup stylist really impressed me, which is why I told my friend about her. She does her own makeup when she is just having a regular day, but there are times when she has to speak in front of large crowds.

When I say large, I mean really large, like in the thousands. She wants to look her best, so she has always went to a day spa not far from where she lives to have them do her makeup when she has to attend one of these speaking engagements. When I told her about the mobile makeup stylist, she was interested because she liked the idea of just getting her makeup done instead of spending half a day there getting other things done too. While she did enjoy a massage and other luxuries, she really only needed her makeup done.

She decided to give this mobile company a try, and she was really impressed with them. What also helped was that they do an airbrush technique that means she can have the makeup application done during the late morning hours, and it still looks as fresh when she gets home as it did when it was first applied. She is actually saving money by having her makeup done this way, and they have started to do her hair too because they can do all kinds of fancy styles that naturally look amazing on her!